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Free XML Schema Editor (XML Studio)  v.1.0.4

FREE Graphical XSD and XML Editor. A fully featured XML Development Studio, including graphical and text based XML Schema Editor, and XML editor with advanced validation and intellisense. Features you usually find in products costing $$$

Database Schema Reader  v.1.2.1

Database Schema Reader is a simple, cross-database facade over .Net 2.0 DbProviderFactories to read database metadata. Get Database Schema Reader and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

MSBuild Schema Generator  v.1.0.10215.2

MSBuildSchemaGen is a tool that generates MSBuild XSD schema files for custom MSBuild tasks that you have developed, which allows the Visual Studio editor to provide tooltips for your custom tasks when you are writing MSBuild scripts.

Copy Schema for SQL Server Pro  v.1.06.50

Copy Schema for SQL Server Pro is a handy application that allows you to create a backup copy for database objects definitions. You can include all tables or select only a part of them and add views, procedures and relationships. This handy utility

Freeware XML Schema Editor  v.1.0.4

FREE Graphical XSD and XML Editor. A fully featured XML Development Studio, including; Graphical and Text based XML Schema Editor with Validation,XPath Expression Builder, Web Service Explorer, Code Generation (30 day Trial) for C++, C#, Java, VB.Net

XV Schema Converter Tool  v.1.0

Key benefits of using XV Schema Converter Tool 1. XV Schema Converter Tool can be used to transform xml schema onto database schema. 2. XV Schema Converter Tool enables user to realize the benefit of including schema (xsd) onto xml document. 3. XV

English schema gnuteca derived  v.022111

Gnuteca derived schema translated into English, both the tables, field names and the data, have been translated. This is only the SQL part of the Gnuteca project, very vanilla code, should run on anything. The translation is very

Oracle Information Schema  v.1.0

Oracle does not support the SQL standard INFORMATION_SCHEMA data dictionary. This project creates an information_schema schema and adds views compliant to the SQL standard. These views are SQL and PL/SQL and are built on the Oracle data

Qt Schema Editor  v.0.9.1

QSchmed is a GUI editor for LDAPV3 schema files. It is customisable for unique OID's and will suck the schema directly from the LDAPV3 server. Unlike other LDAP gui's out there, this one actually edit's the schema itself. It is *not* (yet) an LDAP

The Annotation Graph Schema API  v.1.0

The Annotation Graph Schema API aims to aid developers in the creation and queryingof Annotation bases where the use of XML-based tools is needed. It is easily integratable with any persistent representation and has a flexible in-memory

The CoSy Architecture Schema Toolkit  v.2.1.16

A software toolkit that implements the CoSy Architecture Schema for developing integrated intelligent robotic systems. The toolkit focuses on supporting on a space of information-processing architectures based on shared working

UML for Schema  v.3

UML for Schema is a code generator, it takes an UML model, properly enriched with stereotypes and tags from an XMI file and it generate some equivalent W3C XML Schemes (WXS). It is also able to do the inverse

XML Schema compilation  v.1.0

The XML Schema "compiler" project intends to provide a reference implementations of schema evaluation and simplification in

XML Schema to Graphviz  v.20080730

A Java project producing graphs from XML Schema documents, using GraphViz ( as the rendering engine. Distributions include a stand-alone java executable and an ANT

XPath over XML Schema  v.1.1

Evaluates XPath 1.0 expressions over W3C XML Schema definitions to get a compile-time prediction of nodes that will be matched at run-time. Project homepage:

XML Doctor - Schema/DTD Based XML Editor  v.1.0

XML Doctor is a smart XML editor for Windows that workswith your DTD or schema files to help you edit or repair your document, using an intiutive tree view. Pick child elements and attributes from a list. Errors are flagged in red.

RDF Schema Creator and Metadata Registry  v.1.0

A metadata schema registry server in Perl/C (based on RDF and Sparql/Redland), alongside a GUI client in Java/SWT with Jena for searching, browsing and creating application profiles, schemas and element sets describing resources in Dublin Core and LOM.

UDDF XML Schema  v.1.0

A XML schema for the Universal Dive Data Format (UUDF)

XML DB Schema Generator  v.1.0

XML DB Schema Generator is a collection of XSLT-Scripts and XML-Schemas used to generate DB-Schemas (HTML-Document, SQL, etc.) out of a simple XML-File, which describes the db schema in an abstract way.

XML Schema Profile Pretty Printer  v.1.0

XMLPRPRPR is a SchemaProf plug in that transform XML Schema Profiles in a human understandable (not only readable) style. Today there are two styles simple style and IMS like style. The output formats are HTML and PDF.

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